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Welcome to My Blog

This is my site -- a place on the internet that belongs more or less exclusively to me.
Basically the only real function of this thing is as a blog, which I post things to whenever I'm bored, but there are most likely gonna be links to other internet-based activities of mine, and other pieces of information or materials that I think are somehow relevant to people I interact with.

In other words, this is a test site where I muck around and do things. Browse if you wish, and at your own risk.

I don't know if this was immediately apparent, but thank you for using whatever amount of your time/money/mobile data/sanity visiting this site in which I say whatever is in my head at a particular time in such a way that I think people will or should care.

The most recent post is below:

Monday 22 July 2019: Been A While

Been almost a year. Oops. But in fairness to me, the site as it was (single JavaScript file) was not easy to use. Looked cool, but not practical. Hard to navigate, too. So, I redid everything (and it actually looks better), and now it's back up and working, with a new color scheme.

Enjoy, or whatever it is that happens to the one person who reads this on the off-chance that they do. They probably just pity me.